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School on Dimension Theory of Fractals

08/26/2024 - 08/30/2024
Erdős Center


The aim of the school is to study various aspects of fractal geometry, motivated by iterated function systems, dynamical systems and probability theory.

The speakers of the school specified the topic of their lectures as follows:

•    De-Jun Feng (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
In this short course, we discuss the ergodic and dimensional properties of certain fractal measures associated with conformal and affine IFSs. We prove the exact dimensionality of these fractal measures and give its applications to the dimension of fractal sets.
•    Jonathan Fraser (University of St Andrews)
'Fractal Geometry and Dimension Theory', discussing various notions of dimension motivated by examples from dynamical systems, and probability theory.
•    Michał Rams (IMPAN, Warsaw)
Cocycles of circle diffeomorphisms.
•    Pablo Shmerkin (University of British Columbia)
Additive Combinatorics methods in Fractal Geometry.


The registration is open.

Deadline for applying for financial support: 04.30.2024


Balázs  Bárány (BME)
Vilma Orgoványi (BME)
Dániel Rudolf Prokaj  (Rényi Institute)
Károly  Simon (BME)

Invited Speakers

De-Jun Feng (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Jonathan Fraser (University of St Andrews)
Michał Rams (IMPAN, Warsaw)
Pablo Shmerkin (University of British Columbia)