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Past Events

2022.12.05. - 2022.12.09.
Erdős Center
The purpose of this focused workshop is to discuss some recent developments in the theory of automorphic forms in a friendly and relaxed setting.
2022.11.28. - 2022.12.02.
Erdős Center
The goal of this focus event is to study certain fundamental geometric properties of Wasserstein spaces and to explore further the intimate relationship between the theory of Lipschitz-free spaces and optimal transportation.
2022.09.05. - 2022.09.09.
Erdős Center
Application is now open. Application deadline: May 31, 2022. MSc and PhD students applying to the conference should also ask their supervisor to send a short recommendation.
2022.08.29. - 2022.09.02.
Erdős Center
The theory of automorphic forms is a central area of modern mathematics due to its depth and connections to a large number of other disciplines. This feature makes it attractive but also difficult to enter. The summer school will provide a motivated introduction to this rich field through exciting recent developments.
2022.06.23. - 2022.06.25.
Erdős Center
The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts from both quantum information and discrete mathematics in order to discuss the state of the art, to share ideas and to identify and tackle relevant questions.
2022.06.20. - 2022.06.23.
MTA, Budapest
Conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of Rényi's birth