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Young Set Theory Workshop

06/17/2024 - 06/21/2024
Erdős Center


Young Set Theory Workshop 2024
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This yearly international workshop brings together young mathematicians, providing in depth introductions to various topics in set theory, leading to questions at the forefront of research. Tutorials and talks will be given by both experienced researchers and postdocs, and will be primarily aimed at advanced PhD students and early career researchers.

Registration is open:

Deadline for full consideration for financial support: 15 March

Registration deadline: 31 May

In case of questions please contact


Jan Grebik, University of Warwick
Alexander Kechris, California Institute of Technology
Oleg Pikhurko, University of Warwick
Stevo Todorcevic, University of Toronto
Zoltán Vidnyánszky, ELTE, Budapest

Invited Speakers

Tutorial Speakers
Menachem Magidor (Hebrew University)
John Steel (UC Berkeley)
Anush Tserunyan (McGill University)
Boban Veličković (Paris Diderot University)
Jindřich Zapletal (University of Florida)

Invited Speakers
Tom Benhamou (UI Chicago)
Matthew Bowen (McGill University)
Andreas Lietz (University of Münster)
Márk Poór (Cornell University)
Jonathan Schilhan (University of Leeds)

Program Committee
David Aspero
Natasha Dobrinen
Martin Goldstern
István Juhász
Dima Sinapova