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Optional organized excursions on Wednesday afternoon


1. Jewish District walking tour
 The Jewish District of Budapest, centered around the historic Erzsébetváros neighborhood, is a vibrant area rich in cultural heritage and history. It's home to the Dohány Street Synagogue, the largest in Europe, as well as several other synagogues and important Jewish sites. The area also boasts lively ruin bars, eclectic restaurants and trendy boutiques, offering a blend of historical significance and contemporary urban life.
2. Hungarian National Gallery (~2.5 km from the conference venue, webpage)
The Hungarian National Gallery is a premier art museum located in the Buda Castle. It boasts an extensive collection of Hungarian art from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, including Gothic altarpieces, Baroque masterpieces, and modernist works. The gallery's exhibits provide a comprehensive overview of Hungary's artistic heritage and include works by renowned Hungarian artists such as Mihály Munkácsy and József Rippl-Rónai.
3. Hospital in the Rock (~3 km from the conference venue, webpage)
The Hospital in the Rock is a museum located under the Buda Castle. Originally a secret military hospital and nuclear bunker, it was used during the Second World War and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Today it offers a unique insight into Hungary's wartime history through well-preserved medical equipment, lifelike waxworks and detailed exhibits.