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Workshop on statistical properties of chaotic dynamics in and out of equilibrium

08.19.2024. - 08.23.2024.
Big Lecture Hall, Rényi Institute


The workshop aims to bring together experts working on the non-equilibrium properties and related phenomena arising in chaotic dynamical systems. This includes, among others, statistical properties, systems with multiple time scales, thermodynamic formalism, open systems, non-stationary dynamics, random dynamics, and other aspects of transient behaviour.


Link to the registration page:

Registration is open until 10 August 2024. After registration, we will notify you within two weeks whether your application has been accepted.

The sooner you register, the better. The workshop takes place during the top touristic season in Budapest, so accommodation prices can be expected to increase dramatically with time.


If you would like our administration to help you with booking (at possibly discounted prices), please write to Mrs. Ildikó Bogáti:
Note that we can not cover local expenses, apart from exceptional cases.


Peter Balint (BME)
Peter Nandori (Yeshiva University),
Francoise Pene (University Brest),
Domokos Szasz (BME)
Imre Peter Toth (BME)

Invited Speakers