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Workshop on Measurable Combinatorics

06/24/2024 - 06/28/2024
Big Lecture Hall, Rényi Institute


The workshop will be an informal gathering of researchers of related backgrounds (like set theory,  dynamics, probability theory, combinatorics, and even theoretical computer science) to cover the latest developments in the area.
If you are interested in participating or have any questions please write to the following e-mail address:


Jan Grebik (University of Warwick)
Alexander Kechris (California Institute of Technology)
Oleg Pikhurko (University of Warwick)
Stevo Todorcevic (University of Toronto)
Zoltán Vidnyánszky (ELTE, Budapest)

Invited Speakers

Tutorial Speakers

Lukasz Grabowski (University of Leipzig)
Gábor Pete (Rényi Institute)
Vaclav Rozhon (MIT)

Invited Speakers

Anton Bernshteyn (Georgia Tech)
Matt Bowen (Oxford)
Sebastian Brandt (CISPA)
Yi-Jun Chang (National University of Singapore)
Clinton Conley (CMU)
Manuela Fischer (ETH)
Mikolaj Fraczyk (Jagiellonian University)
Alexander Holroyd (University of Bristol)
Tom Hutchcroft (Caltech)
Andrew Marks (UC Berkeley)
Mustazee Rahman (Durham University)
Marcin Sabok (McGill)
Jukka Suomela (Aalto University)