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Automorphic Forms Summer School from a Student's Perspective

Csaba Anderlik
In the semester preceding the summer school, Gergely Harcos and Péter Maga gave an introductory course about automorphic forms at Eötvös Loránd University. This helped us to gain insight into automorphic forms, and for me, it opened a whole new area of mathematics. Csaba Anderlik

Automorphic Forms Conference- An exceptional event post-pandemic

Keshav Aggarwal
The Erdős Center organised the Automorphic forms conference from 5 - 9 September, 2022. This 5 day conference included 21 invited talks and 15 contributed talks by leading researchers in the theory of automorphic forms from various universities across the world. Keshav Aggarwal

First-Hand Experience From the Summer Schools: Mathematics of Large Networks & Graphs, Groups, Stochastic Processes

Vilas Winstein
During the past few weeks, I participated in two summer schools at the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, as part of the Erdős center semester on Large Networks and their Limits... Vilas Winstein
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