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Reading seminar

The Reading seminar is part of the special semester on Discrete Geometry and Convexity held in the Fall of 2023 at the Erdős Center of the Rényi Institute.

   Thursdays at 10:00, unless otherwise noted.
   Erdős Center lecture hall (NOT in the Rényi Institute building).

Preliminary Schedule

The schedule may change any time, even retroactively. Click on the title to open the arXiv manuscript.


Date Speaker Title
October 5 Gaurav Kucheriya Tiling edge-ordered graphs with monotone paths and other structures
October 12 Bushra Basit Borsuk's Problem in Metric Spaces
October 19 Travis Dillon Theorems of Carathéodory, Helly, and Tverberg without dimension

October 27 10am (FRIDAY, Tondos room in RÉNYI INST!)

Karamjeet Singh String graphs: and Boxes and lines:
November 2 Adva Mond Kruskal--Katona-Type Problems via Entropy Method
November 9 Zichao Dong A simple proof for open cups and caps
November 16 Graph Drawing Workshop, NO READING SEMINAR
November 23 Attila Jung k-dimensional transversals to balls and fat convex sets
November 30 Arsenii Sagdeev Distances between realizations of order types
December 7 Lili Ködmön Simple k-Planar Graphs are Simple (k+1)-Quasiplanar
December 14 Péter Ágoston Realization of distances in measurable sets
Surprise date Gehér Panna Tarski′s Plank Problem