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Workshop on Random Graphs, Combinatorial Limits, Stochastic Processes

2022.08.15. - 2022.08.26.
Erdős Center


The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts and young scientists who will form WORKING GROUPS to SOLVE DIFFERENT PROBLEMS about RANDOM GRAPHS and RELATED MATHEMATICAL TOPICS IN A VERY BROAD SENSE.

The random graph is a fundamental object related to different fields. For example, graph limit theory is about understanding the large-scale structure of a graph, or in other words, understanding how a graph is different from a random graph. Statistical physics uses random graphs to model different physical matters and phase transitions on them. Group theory uses the fact that the Cayley-graph of a free group is locally equivalent to a random regular graph. There are other random structures such as random permutations which have analogous theory. In this broad area, it particularly often happens that a question is motivated by one field, but the best tools for solving it requires the tools of another field, and this is the reason why researchers from different related fields are very welcome.

We are asking the participants, especially the experts, to bring their best open problems and show the backgrounds of them.
The first day, 15 August, we plan a number of short talks for showing the problems and forming goups. In the later days, we will have one or maybe two talks in the mornings, and the rest of the day is dedicated to try to solve the problems in groups. (So the format will be similar to the very successful workshop “Interfaces of the Theory of Combinatorial Limits”)

The workshop will held between 15-26 AUGUST, but it is POSSIBLE TO STAY ONLY FOR 15-19 AUGUST or so if a participant cannot stay longer.

If you would like to participate, please, write an email to Endre Csóka <>. We are happy to offer accommodation close to the venue.

There is no strict deadline for registration, but we kindly ask you to send me an email AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, so that we can ensure your accommodation.

Participants from abroad (including speakers):

  • Daniel Kral
  • Lukasz Grabowski
  • Jan Grebik
  • Xizhi Liu
  • Zhuo Wo
  • Brice Huang
  • Eng Keat Hng

Hungarians (who do not requre accommodation) can register until 8 August, and the schedule will be announced a few days before the workshop.


Endre Csóka (Rényi Institute)

Invited Speakers


Daniel Kral
Lukasz Grabowski
Jan Grebik
Xizhi Liu
Zhuo Wo
Brice Huang
Eng Keat Hng