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Workshop: Mathematics of Large Networks

05/09/2022 - 05/13/2022
Erdős Center


May 9-13, 2022

The idea of the Mathematics of Large Networks Workshop is to bring together mathematicians and network scientists with the aim of fostering the exchange of ideas. The speakers and the audience will also consist of researchers coming from these two communities. The main themes of the Workshop include geometry of networks, dynamics of/on networks, higher order structures, network inference and applications.

Workshop on the Mathematics of Large Networks, 11 May 2022
Workshop on the Mathematics of Large Networks, 11 May 2022

Invited speakers:


May 9. Monday
   09:00–09:40    James Gleeson       Data-driven modelling of cascades on networks
   09:50–10:10    András Molnár             Learning the parameters of a differential equation from its trajectory via the adjoint equation
   10:20–11:00    Coffee break
   11:00–11:20    Ulysse Schaller     One-neighborhood biased first passage percolation on scale-free spatial random graphs
   11:30–11:50    Géza Ódor             Critical dynamics on large connectome networks
   12:00–14:00    Lunch break
   14:00–14:40    Sofia Olhede         Local linear graphon estimation
   14:50–15:10    Rik Versendaal     Sampling simple random graphs under degree and edge-weight constraints
   15:20–16:00    Coffee break    
   16:00–17:50    Problem Session   
   17:50–             Wine & Cheese   

May 10. Tuesday
   09:00–09:40    Peter Mörters         The contact process on dynamical scale-free networks
   09:50–10:10    Zsolt Bartha           Degree-penalized contact processes
   10:20–11:00    Coffee break
   11:00–11:20    Xiangyi Meng       Physical Network as a Manifold
   11:30–11:50    Lukas Lüchtrath   The various phases of long-range inhomogeneous percolation
   12:00–14:00    Lunch break
   14:00–14:40    Albert-László Barabási    TBA
   14:50–15:10    Sina Sajjadi         Structural inequalities exacerbate infection disparities: A computational approach
   15:20–16:00    Coffee break    
   16:00–16:40    Tiago Peixoto      Disentangling homophily, community structure and triadic closure in networks
   16:50–17:10    Dániel Keliger      Switchover phenomenon of percolation models on graphs

May 11. Wednesday
   09:00–09:40    Gergely Röst       Non-Markovian pairwise epidemics and COVID-19 mitigation on the network of a large bank
   09:50–10:10    Leah Keating       Multi-type branching process method for modelling complex contagion on clustered networks
   10:20–11:00    Coffee break
   11:00–11:20    Gergely Ódor    Source Identification via Contact Tracing in the Presence of Asymptomatic Patients
   11:30–11:50    Anita Windisch  Dynamical effects of inhibitory neurons in neurobiological networks
   12:00–14:00    Lunch break
   14:00–∞          Social program  

May 12. Thursday
   09:00–09:40   Thomas Sauerwald     Choice and Bias in Random Walks
   09:50–10:10    Ivan Bonamassa        Critical stretching and extreme non-monotonic variations in geometric networks with a characteristic link length
   10:20–11:00    Coffee break
   11:00–11:20    Péter Simon       On parameter identifiability in epidemic models
   11:30–11:50    Marianna Bolla   Spectra and Structure of Networks: Discrepancy Based Spectral Clustering and Mapping the Fiedler-carpet
   12:00–14:00    Lunch break
   14:00–14:40    Tamás Vicsek   Why we live in hierarchies?
   14:50–15:10    Márton Pósfai   Linear physical networks
   15:20–16:00    Coffee break    
   16:00–16:20    Ádám Tímár  Physical networks generated by loop-erased random walks
   16:30–16:50    Tejas Iyer       A phase transition induced by competition in preferential attachment
models with fitness.

May 13. Friday
   09:00–09:40    David Gamarnik      Overlap gap property: A topological barrier to optimizing over random structures
   09:50–10:10    Abbas Karimi Rizi   Herd Immunity and Epidemic Size in Networks with Vaccination Homophily
   10:20–11:00    Coffee break
   11:00–11:20    Eszter Sikolya      Stochastic reaction–diffusion equations on networks
   11:30–11:50    Shengfeng Deng   Critical synchronization dynamics on power grids
   12:00–14:00    Lunch break

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Application is now open. Application deadline: March 14, 2022
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Márton Karsai
János Kertész
László Lovász
Balázs Ráth

Invited Speakers

Albert-László Barabási (Northeastern University/CEU)
David Gamarnik (MIT)
James Gleeson (Limerick)
Peter Mörters (Cologne)  
Sofia Olhede (EPFL)  
Tiago Peixoto (CEU)
Gergely Röst (University of Szeged)
Thomas Sauerwald  (Cambridge)
Tamás Vicsek (Eötvös Loránd University)


Boldizsár Balázs
Zsolt Bartha
Luka Blagojevic
Marianna Bolla
Ivan Bonamassa
Endre Csóka
Susanna Dann
Shengfeng Deng
Imre Fekete
Antonio Ferrara
Jan Grebik
Bálint Hartmann
Rouzbeh Hasheminezhad
Aranka  Hruskova
Tejas Iyer
Héctor Jardón Sánchez
Abbas K. Rizi
Marc Kaufmann
Leah Keating
Dániel Keliger
Csaba Kerepesi
István Kiss
Balázs Csegő Kolok
Bianka Kovács
Mihály Kovács
Lukas Lüchtrath
Neeladri Maitra
Xiangyi    Meng
András Sándor Molnár
Anurag Murty Naredla
Gergely  Odor
Géza Ódor
Gergely Palla
Benjamin Piazza
Péter Pollner
Márton Pósfai
Gergely Röst
Sina Sajjadi
Ulysse Schaller
Eszter Sikolya
Karoly Simon
Péter Simon
Tamás Szabados
Márton Péter Szőke
Ádám Tímár
Felipe Vaca
Pim van der Hoorn
Rik Versendaal
Bálint Vető
Lotte Weedage
Anita Windisch
Shilun Zhang