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Summer school - New structures in low-dimensional topology

07/01/2024 - 07/05/2024
Renyi Institute


The Simons collaboration on “New structures in low-dimensional topology” organises a summer school, consisting of 6 short lecture series on topics and techniques in low-dimensional topology. The main target audience are PhD students in low-dimensional topology.

Dates: 1th-5th July 2024
Location: Rényi Institute

The lecturers of the six lecture series will be:

  • John Baldwin (Boston College) & Tom Mrowka (MIT)
  • Sergei Gukov (Caltech) & Sunghyuk Park (Harvard)
  • Josh Greene (Boston College)
  • Maggie Miller (UT Austin)
  • Cris Negron (USC)
  • Sucharit Sarkar (UCLA)

More details about the lecture series will be provided in the next weeks.


Application to the summer school is now open!
The deadline for applying is 15th March 2024.

Instructions for application:

  • Fill out the online form;
  • If you are a MSc or PhD student, please ask your advisor to send a (short, 3-4 line) reference email to , with subject line "[Reference - Applicant's name]";
  • If you are a postdoc, please email your CV (containing a list of publication) to , with subject line "[CV - Applicant's name]".

Without the reference email / CV, your application will be considered incomplete.


Sergei Gukov
Aaron Lauda
Marco Marengon
Tom Mrowka
Peter Ozsváth
András Stipsicz
Zoltán Szabó

Invited Speakers

John Baldwin
Josh Greene
Sergei Gukov
Maggie Miller
Tom Mrowka
Cris Negron 
Sunghyuk Park
Sucharit Sarkar