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Focused Workshop on Saturation in the Forbidden Subposet Problem

2023.07.31. - 2023.08.04.
Erdős center


Pál Erdős and Daniel Kleitman summarized the operations that are natural to consider for problems on set systems: (A) intersection, (B) union, (C) disjointness, (D) complement, (E) containment, (F) rank (size). The topic of the proposed Focused Workshop addresses operation (E) based on the notion, due to Katona and Tarján, of weak/strong P-freeness for a given poset P. In the past four decades, there has been tremendous interest in determining (the asymptotics of) related parameters, and the workshop addresses some of the most pressing recent conjectures.


Balazs Patkos (Renyi Institute)

Invited Speakers