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Focused Workshop on Combinatorics of Integer Programming

08.14.2023. - 08.25.2023.
Erdős Center


The proposed workshop is inspired by recent developments in tractability of integer programming using combinatorial tools. The workshop will bring together a group of 10-12 researchers with backgrounds in discrete optimization, parameterized complexity, graph theory, polyhedral combinatorics,and matroid theory.

Researchers from these communities are not fully aware of problems and techniques appearing in the other areas. The goal is to further strengthen connections between these areas by identifying additional tools from graph theory and matroid theory that will lead to the design of efficient fixed-parameter algorithms for integer programming.

The scientic aim of the workshop is to get a better understanding of combinatorial properties of integer programming instances that cause their tractability. For instance, various combinatorial notions of structure and complexity of matrices, such as depth parameters or sizes of Graver bases, appear to be vital for the design of efficient algorithms in the context of integer programming.

We aim to further develop the combinatorial theory of structured integer programming, and for this we hope to bring a mixture of researchers with very different backgrounds, and also at various career stages, who do not normally meet at conferences.



Daniel Kráľ (DIMEA, Masaryk University)
‪Michał Pilipczuk (University of Warsaw)
László Végh (LSE)

Invited Speakers


Kristóf Bérczi (ELTE)
Marcin Briański (Jagiellonian, Kraków)
Péter Csikvári (Rényi Institute)
Friedrich Eisenbrand (EPFL)
Tamás Király (ELTE)
Alexandra Lassota (EPFL)
Dániel Marx (CISPA)
Bento Natura, (Georgia Tech)
Kristýna Pekárková (Masaryk, Brno)
Janina Reuter, (University of Kiel)
Lars Rohwedder, (Maastricht University)
Laura Sanità (Bocconi University, Milan)
Sándor Szabó (University of Pécs)
Bogdán Zaválnij (Rényi Institute)