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Focused Workshop on Automorphic Forms

12.05.2022. - 12.09.2022.
Erdős Center


The purpose of this focused workshop is to discuss some recent developments in the theory of automorphic forms in a friendly and relaxed setting.


The purpose of the focused workshop was to learn about recent new techniques in a friendly and relaxed setting. There were four double lectures by four distinguished colleagues.

Morten S. Risager (University of Copenhagen) discussed the definition and properties of Manin’s iterated integrals of a given length, including how these generalise modular symbols and certain aspects of the theory of multiple zeta-values.

Nikolaos Diamantis (University of Notthingham) described a new general definition of L-series associated with harmonic Maass forms and its functional equation. A converse theorem was formulated and potential applications were discussed.

Keshav Aggarwal (Rényi Institute) presented a few approaches involving the use of a delta method in order to obtain subconvexity bounds. He also presented his recent work on bounding a short second moment average of a GL(3) L-function in order to achieve a subconvexity estimate.

Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen (University of Helsinki) gave a general overview of different bounds that have been obtained or conjectured for exponential sums involving Fourier coefficients of cusp forms.


Gergely Harcos (Rényi Institute)
Árpád Tóth (Rényi Institute)

Invited Speakers


Keshav Aggarwal (Rényi Institute)
Nikolaos Diamantis (University of Notthingham)
Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen (University of Helsinki)
Morten S. Risager (University of Copenhagen)