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Convex and Discrete Geometry Summer School

08/28/2023 - 09/01/2023
Main Lecture Hall, Rényi Institute


Summer School poster

The school, part of the special semester on Discrete Geometry and Convexity, offers four mini courses on current hot topics in the field given by Vida Dujmovic (University of Ottawa), Apostolos Giannopoulos (University of Athens), Nabil Mustafa (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord) and Márton Naszódi (Rényi Institute), exercise sessions and a small number of additional talks.The courses and the talks are aimed at graduate students and researchers at the beginning of their career, and should be accessible to a wide audience. Apart from presenting the state of the art, many open problems will be discussed.

Summer School poster


Recordings of the lectures

Financial Support

We can cover the accommodation, and possibly, the travel expenses for a limited number of participants. You can also stay for a longer period after the Summer School.

Please, indicate on the registration form whether you need such financial support and if you want to stay longer. In case you do, please, do not arrange your travel to Budapest, nor your accommodation, as we may do it for you. Also indicate your desired arrival and departure dates.

Deadline for application for financial support: 03. 10. 2023.
  • Notification of the result of financial support applications: 03. 15. 2023.
Instructions for application for financial support:
  • If you are an MSc or PhD student, please ask your advisor / mentor to send a brief reference email to with the subject "[Conv. & Disc. Geom. Summer school] + APPLICANT'S FULL NAME".
  • If you are a postdoc, please send your CV + research statement by email to, with the subject "[Conv. & Disc. Geom. Summer school] CV - APPLICANT'S FULL NAME".

Lecture sessions

Vida Dujmovic: Graph Structure and Geometry
   1. Product structure of planar graphs
   2. Applications to geometric graph drawings
   3. Collinear sets and structure 1
   4. Collinear sets and structure 2
   5. Crossings and structure

Apostolos Giannopoulos: Threshold for the Measure of Random Polytopes
   1. Volume threshold: the case of the cube and 0-1 polytopes
   2. Volume threshold: the case of the simplex
   3. Half-space depth and general volume thresholds
   4. Measure threshold: the case of independent coordinates
   5. Measure threshold: a general approach and open questions

Nabil Mustafa: Iterative Reweighing in Discrete Geometry
   1. Introduction: the Erdős-Selfridge strategy
   2. A combinatorial perspective
   3. A geometric perspective
   4. An algorithmic perspective
   5. A game theory perspective

Márton Naszódi: Approximation in Geometry
   1. Approximation of convex bodies by polytopes
   2. John's theorem for log-concave functions
   3. Quantitative Helly-type questions
   4. Approximation of sums of matrices
   5. Open problems


Márton Naszódi
Géza Tóth

Invited Speakers

Vida Dujmovic (University of Ottawa)
Apostolos Giannopoulos (University of Athens)
Nabil Mustafa (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord)
Márton Naszódi (Rényi Institute)


Péter Ágoston
Gautam Aishwarya
Polina Barabanshchikova
János Barát
Bushra Basit
Saman Bazargani
Laurel Bozzai
Xiaxing Cai
Sutanoya Chakraborty
Minho Cho
Arnon Chor
Recep Altar Ciceksiz
Gábor Damásdi
Hamid Reza Daneshpajouh
Inges Domonkos Máté
Zichao Dong
Vida Dujmović
Manuel Fernandez
Viktória Földvári
Jakob Führer
Rahul Gangopadhyay
Barnabás Gárgyán
Panna Gehér
Apostolos Giannopoulos
Haile Gilroy
Cuauhtemoc Gomez-Navarro
Sicheng Gong
Angshuman Goswami
Balázs Grünfelder
Alec Helm
Owen Henderschedt
Attila Jung
Paul Jungeblut
Christian Kipp
Csenge Lili Ködmön
Anqi Li
Bowen Li
Yilin Li
Alexandre Louvet
Hoi Ping Luk
Gerardo Lauro Maldonado Martínez
Tomer Milo
Bobby Babak Miraftab
Dongho Moon
Fernanda Helen Moreira Baêta
Nabil Mustafa
Soumi Nandi
Anurag Murty Naredla
Márton Naszódi
Alexander Natalchenko
Cheikh saliou Ndiaye
Fedor Noskov
Saeed Odak
Janos Pach
Benjamin Riff
Sourav Roy
Arsenii Sagdeev
Ádám Sagmeister
Dániel Simon
Jan Soukup
Gianluca Tasinato
Geza Toth
Jacopo Ulivelli
Stepan Vakhrushev
Kaylee Weatherspoon
Zhuo Wu
Ji Zeng