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Automorphic Forms Conference

2022.09.05. - 2022.09.09.
Erdős Center


Invited speakers:

Application is now open. Application deadline: May 31, 2022.

The Erdős Center covers full lodging for a limited number of participants. Please indicate in the application form if you wish to apply for this support.

MSc and PhD students applying to the conference should also ask their supervisor to send a short recommendation (typically a few sentences) to the contact e-mail address

Link to the registration web-form of the conference and for selected junior participants, there is a possibility to give a short talk (15 min). If you are interested please fill out the second form below:


Gergely Zábrádi (ELTE)
Péter Maga (Rényi Institute)

Invited Speakers

Valentin Blomer (University of Bonn)
Kathrin Bringmann TBC (University of Cologne)
Farrell Brumley (Sorbonne University Paris Nord)
Jack Buttcane (The University of Maine)
Pierre Colmez (Paris VI University)
Adrian Diaconu (University of Minnesota)
Tobias Finis (University of Leipzig)
Mikolaj Fraczyk (The University of Chicago)
Peter Humphries TBC (University of Virginia)
Kiran S. Kedlaya (University of California San Diego)
Jasmin Matz (Einstein Institute)
Djordje Milićević TBC (Bryn Mawr College)
Paul Nelson (ETH Zürich)
Vicentiu Paşol (Institute of Mathematics "Simion Stoilow")
Yiannis Petridis (University College London)
Ian Petrow (University College London)
Alex Popa (Institute of Mathematics "Simion Stoilow")
Danylo Radchenko (ETH Zürich)
Nicole Raulf (University of Lille)
Abhishek Saha (Queen Mary University of London)
Benjamin Schraen (Université Paris-Sud)
Jesse Thorner TBC (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Matthew Young (Texas A&M University)


Árpád Tóth
Gergely Harcos