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Additive Combinatorics and Fourier Analysis Workshop

06/17/2024 - 06/21/2024
Big Lecture Hall, Rényi Institute


This conference is devoted to the most recent results of  Additive Combinatorics. The topic of the conference is aimed to emphasize the rich interactions between additive combinatorics, harmonic analysis and number theory. The conference will bring together some recognized experts of the field, junior researchers (postdoctoral fellows and graduate students), and senior researchers from various aspects of the main topic. Beside the discussion on the recent progress in the field, it is also aimed to initiate interaction and collaboration among the participants.


If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please send an email to with the subject "participation at Additive Combinatorics Workshop".

On 15 January we will decide on the applications received by then. 
We will inform everyone of our decision until the second half of January. 

Practical information

The following link gives practical information (e.g. local traveling):


Gergely Kiss (Rényi Institute)
Máté Matolcsi (Rényi Institute & BME)
Imre Ruzsa (Rényi Institute)
Oriol Serra (UPC, Spain)
Gábor Somlai (ELTE)

Invited Speakers

Bukh, Boris
Candela, Pablo
Conlon, David
Elsholtz, Christian
Geroldinger, Alfred
Greenfeld, Rachel
Helfgott, Harald
Kolountzakis, Mihalis
Lichtman, Jared Duker
Londner, Itay
Malikiosis, Romanos Diogeneses
Pach, Péter
Petridis, Giorgis
Prendiville, Sean
Robins, Sinai
Roton, Anne de
Rudnev, Misha
Shkredov, Ilya
Solymosi, József


Balog, Antal
Beker, Adrian
Bienvenu, Pierre
Chapman, Jonathan
Csajbók, Bence
Das Adhikari, Sukumar
Führer, Jakob
Gyarmati, Katalin
Hajdu, Lajos
Hegyvári, Norbert
Károlyi, Gyula
Keleti, Tamás 
Kiss, Gergely
Kiss, Sándor
Kuca, Boris
Lyall, Neil
Magyar, Ákos
Matolcsi, Máté
Mrazovic, Rudi
Passant, Jonathan
Pohoata, Cosmin
Roy, Ritoprovo
Ragavan, Rushil
Rakhmonov, Firdavs 
Révész, Szilárd 
Ruzsa, Imre
Sándor, Csaba
Serra, Oriol
Sun, Yu-Chen
Somlai, Gábor
Tyrrel, Fred 
Vizer, Máté
Zeyu, Zheng