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Analysis and Geometry on Complex Manifolds - 2025 Fall (Aug-Dec)

Organizers Tamás Darvas, László Lempert, Gábor Székelyhidi, Róbert Szőke, Adriano Tomassini
Publication date 2021-08-10

The main theme of the Semester is to connect various approaches in the Theory of Complex Manifolds considering both the Kahlerian and non-Kahlerian cases.

  • Summer school: Invitation to complex geometry

  • Summer school on singular Kahlerian metrics and Hermitian geometry

  • Workshop on the Singular canonical Kahler metrics on compact and non-compact manifolds.

  • Workshop on the Cohomological and metric aspects of almost complex and non-Kahler manifolds.

Tamás Darvas (University of Maryland)
László Lempert (ELTE)
Gábor Székelyhidi (University of Notre Dame)
Róbert Szőke (ELTE)
Adriano Tomassini (Universitá di Parma)