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06.10.2024. - 06.14.2024.
Erdős Center
The summer school is aimed to give an introduction to the theory and the most recent techniques and topics of additive combinatorics dedicated to graduate students and young researchers.
06.17.2024. - 06.21.2024.
Erdős Center
This yearly international workshop brings together young mathematicians, providing in depth introductions to various topics in set theory, leading to questions at the forefront of research.
06.17.2024. - 06.24.2024.
Erdős Center
The topic of the conference is aimed to emphasize the rich interactions between additive combinatorics, harmonic analysis and number theory.
06.24.2024. - 06.28.2024.
Erdős Center
The workshop will be an informal gathering of researchers of related backgrounds (like set theory, dynamics, probability theory, combinatorics, and even theoretical computer science) to cover the latest developments in the area.
08.26.2024. - 08.30.2024.
Erdős Center
The aim of the school is to study various aspects of fractal geometry, motivated by iterated function systems, dynamical systems and probability theory.