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08.31.2023. - 12.30.2023.
Every Thursday at 16:15 in the Main Lecture Hall of the Rényi Institute
Until the end of 2023, the BBC + G Seminar (Big Budapest Combinatorics + Geometry Seminar) is the main seminar of the Special Semester on Discrete Geometry and Convexity at the Erdos Center. Most of the lectures will be on Thursday afternoon (16:15 or 14:15pm), in the Big Hall of Rényi Institute.
09.12.2023. - 01.16.2024.
Every Tuesday at 10:00 in the Tondos room of the Rényi Institute.
In the Fall of 2023 the Erdős Center of the Rényi Institute organizes a special semester on Discrete Geometry and Convexity. In the framework of this program, we will run a special seminar, attended by the participants and all members of our institute interested in the subject. 
10.23.2023. - 10.29.2023.
Rényi Institute
For a graph \(G=(V,E)\) with edge weight \(w:E\rightarrow \mathbb{R}^+\), a \(t\)-spanner is a spanning subgraph \(H\) such that for all pair of vertices \(u,v\in V\), we have \(d_H(u,v)\leq t\cdot d_G(u,v)\), where \(d_G(u,v)\) denotes the shortest path distance between vertices \(u\) and \(v\) in \(G\).
06.10.2024. - 06.14.2024.
Erdős Center
The summer school is aimed to give an introduction to the theory and the most recent techniques and topics of additive combinatorics dedicated to graduate students and young researchers.
06.17.2024. - 06.21.2024.
Erdős Center
This yearly international workshop brings together young mathematicians, providing in depth introductions to various topics in set theory, leading to questions at the forefront of research.
06.24.2024. - 06.28.2024.
Erdős Center
The workshop will be an informal gathering of researchers of related backgrounds (like set theory, dynamics, probability theory, combinatorics, and even theoretical computer science) to cover the latest developments in the area.