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Call for Proposals for Semester Long Programs (Feb 2026-June 2027)

The Erdős Center runs programs in two Semesters. Spring Semester runs from February to June, and Fall Semester runs from August to December. See for running and planned Semesters. 

A proposal for a Semester Program should be written in such a way that the members of the Scientific Advisory Board get a clear picture of the state of the art and the aims of the program. The Institute is open for all areas of mathematics.

Each program consists of two Workshops, two related Schools. Occasionally, a semester is split into two mini-semesters, each consisting of one Workshop and one School. For each semester, 10 visitors are invited, typically 6 senior and 4 post doc researchers, and the post docs are offered a one year contract. Talks and seminars are taking place at the Rényi Institute. Visitors are hosted in offices at the Erdős Center near the Rényi Institute, and obtain Fellowships.

Each School is hosting approximately 40 PhD students, whose accomodation is covered, and some travel grants are available by the Erdős Center. In addition, Erdős Center covers accommodation for invited speakers of Schools and Workshops (about 4 speakers each). During a Semester program, short and intense informal Workshops and a regular Seminar are organized.

Application method

Before starting to prepare a proposal, we advise you to contact the Director of the Erdős Center via We recommend a proposal (approximately 4 pages without the CVs) to contain the following key items:

  • title page with title, the list of approximately 4 organizers (preference is given to proposals including a female organizer)
  • CVs of organizers
  • proposed time slots (first and second choice)
  • brief description of the overall aims of the Semester program
  • core topics of the Semester Program, important developments and goals
  • planned activities (2 workshops, 2 Schools) and a list of possible additional organizers beyond the organizers of the Semester for these activities

Please, submit your proposal to

Deadline to submit a proposal for a Semester long program running between February 2026 and June 2027 is May 19, 2024. Decision about proposals is announced by June 30, 2024.

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