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Call for Proposals for Focused Workshops (July 2023-August 2023)

The Erdős Center runs a number of Focused Workshops during July and August, 2023. The aim of a Focused Workshop is that 4-10 experts work on a timely and central topic or specific problem in mathematics where recent developments promise significant progress. Typically, a Focused Workshop lasts 3-5 days.

The offices and seminar room of the Erdős Center are fully dedicated to the Workshop. The Erdos Center also provides  accommodation in the vicinity. To finance a Focused Workshop, the Erdős Center welcomes support from outside grants.

Application method

The proposal for a Focused Workshop should be approximately a page long, written in such a way that the members of the Scientific Advisory Board get a clear picture of the state of the art and the aims of the Workshop. The proposal should suggest a period for the Workshop, and should name 2-3 key participants besides the organizer. However, the list of participants can be finalized only three months before the Workshop.

Before starting to prepare a proposal, we advise you to contact the Director of the Erdős Center via

Please, submit your proposal to

Deadline to submit a proposal for a Focused Workshop during July and August, 2023 is October 31, 2022. Decision about proposals is announced by November 30, 2022.

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